While growing up I had a “normal” diet. Lots of whole grains, fresh milk, meat and vegetables. I thought I was pretty healthy. However in my late teens’s I developed persistent acne which covered my scalp and back. Extremely painful at times it also affected my self-esteem quite badly. I was prescribed Roaccutane by a doctor which helped alleviate the problem but it wasn’t until later in life that I discovered all the terrible side-effects associated with taking Roaccutane. I took it for 3 years!

It wasn’t till my mid 20’s that a very knowledgeable doctor suggested that I try removing dairy from my diet. I did and my skin cleared up for a while. However after some time my skin started breaking out again. This time the doctor suggested I try removing gluten from my diet. I did and all my skin problems went away.

Since then I have avoided all forms of dairy and gluten. I am now working on reducing the amount of sugar I consume.

I am always hungry and I have a sweet tooth. I am always looking for healthydesserts but unfortunately most desserts and snacks contain either dairy or gluten if not both. I have found gluten-free desserts and dairy free desserts but it has been difficult to find desserts that avoid both, as well as not containing refined sugar. Over time I have collected suitable recipes and hence the idea for this site was born.

Hopefully you will find this a useful resource for creating your own healthy desserts and snacks without having to worry about gluten and lactose intolerance.

Happy eating!



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